Below you can find a collection of noteworthy open source projects that I have created or contributed to.

Jekyll Oceanic Template

A minimalist, blue, theme for Jekyll blogs.

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Conway's Game of Life - In Rust

An implementation of Conway's Game of Life, written in the Rust programming language

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Cromulence - A Super Serious Word Games Package (Python 3)

A hacky play project that I update periodically to help solve word games. At the moment just supporting Wordle and Quordle.

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Wiimote (C#)

A C# library that implements a Nintendo Wii Remote (aka Wiimote) as a C# object. This library was initially released as part of my university dissertation. It is based on the work done by the Nintendo Wii homebrew community and the original C# Wiimote implementation by Brian Peek.

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HIDDevices (C#)

A C# library for enumerating human interface devices (HIDs) and getting their information. Part of my dissertation for my bachelors degree.

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Minimal CV Template (LaTeX)

A LaTeX class designed for a minimal appearance CV/Resumé.

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