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  1. Thoughts on Rust

    The past few weeks, I’ve been taking some time to pick up the Rust Book, and learn a new (programming) language.

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  2. Pastures New

    This week I’m in a bit of a daze. I’m approaching the end of a two week mini-sabbatical, and am preparing to venture into lands unknown for the first time in nearly nine years.

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  3. Installing Sphinx Doc in CentOS 6

    Recently I have been working on a C++ project where the project documentation is created using sphinx-doc. The documentation is compiled as part of the application build process, but doesn’t build on old versions of Sphinx. This posed a problem with doing builds of the project on CentOS 6, because the version of Sphinx that is available through EPEL is ancient, and thus did not support the directives used in the documentation.

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  4. Added Some Dissertation Projects to Github

    When I wrote my university dissertation in 2009, I stated that I would be releasing the code under the GPL shortly after I graduated. I have now made (mostly) true on that promise, just over ten years after I graduated.

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  5. XFCE4 & Nvidia – Persisting Monitor Layout Issues

    Looking around the internet, there are swathes of people who have had issues with Nvidia not respecting their monitor layout choices after a reboot. After nearly a day searching the net trying to figure out why my monitor layout was reset to “clone mode” after a reboot, I found this to be the solution.

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